Industry-University Cooperation Projects

Zhen Ding Tech. Group

Zhen Ding Tech. Group and YZU Joint Research and Development Center for Big Data Project

2021/1/1 – ongoing

Establish "Zhen Ding Tech. Group and YZU Joint Research and Development Center for Big Data" to promote the development of forward-looking technologies and cross-field application research related to big data with cooperation between Yuen Ze University and Zhen Ding Tech. Group. Zhen Ding Tech. Group will invest at least 30 million NTD within 5 years (Jan, 2021 - Dec. 2025) to upgrade Taiwan's PCB industry to a higher level of smart manufacturing.

Smart Manufacturing Big Data Analysis Cooperation Project

108/9/1 – 110/8/31

Zhen Ding Tech. Group cooperating with Innovation Center for Big Data and Digital Convergence and Department of Industrial Engineering and Management (also Smart Production and Innovation Management Research Center), hoping to improve employees' capabilities such as basic information analysis, facility planning, operation standard construction and production efficiency assessment. Besides, through project research cooperation, the three parties jointly solve problems to achieve the goals of improving quality, increasing efficiency, reducing costs and reducing inventory.

Far Eastern International Bank

FEIB Smart Semantic Market Investment Thermometer and Fund Recommendation Research - supplemental contract

110/8/1 – 112/7/31

Supplement of FEIB Smart Semantic Market Investment Thermometer to offer FEIB the program which calculate investment temperatures in major global markets based on domestic financial news headlines for download and use.

FEIB Smart Semantic Market Investment Thermometer

108/7/1 – 109/12/31

The project analyzed correlations between temperature of news reports and regional indices in Taiwan, the United State and the Great China. Results show that the market temperature calculated by the dimensional sentiment index developed by our laboratory performs better, and the correlation with the index in each region are above 0.75.

Far EasTone Telecommunications

Importing AI Robot Applications into Target Moving Footprint Positioning and Correction Operation

111/3/1 – 112/2/28

Far EasTone Telecommunications' existing positioning system is not enough to provide sufficient positioning accuracy. AI technology needs to be used to optimize and correct the results of the existing positioning system to increase positioning accuracy.

Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection

Academic Research of Importing AI Robot into Abnormal Transaction Checking and Vehicle Number Re-registration Operations

110/9/1 – 112/3/31

Importing AI robot into abnormal transaction checking and vehicle number re-registration operations to rapidly assign review cases, to significantly reduce manual work and to improve sevice quality of ETC.

Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation

Research on the Feasibility of Big Data Cloud Application of TDCC

111/4/2 – 112/2/28

Assist TDCC to conduct multi-dimensional analysis and feasibility research on the big data platform, and propose specifications for cloud migration of the TDCC Big Data Platform, so that TDCC can meet the suitability of data migration to the cloud and the availability of public cloud services, and integrate current On-prem Big Data Platform to be a data pipeline architecture.

Mercuries Life Insurance

Medical Imaging and Insurance Analysis For Aging Society and Specific Ethnic Groups

108/10/1 – 109/12/31

In order to accelerate the development of new insurance policies and the construction of high-quality products by MLI, this project identified many key data and factors in policies through joint research.