Research Project 4: Smart Healthcare


Applying big data analysis in the field of medical information such as bioinformatics, medical image analysis, personalized precision medicine and air pollution and disease. This project focuses on biochip and mass spectrometry data analysis. We integrate big data analysis technology and bioinformatics methods and closely cooperate with hospitals and top biomedical teams to directly analyze patients' genome and protein data, hoping to develop analytical methods and system platforms that are specifically helpful in cancer or disease treatment thereby developing representative research results in Taiwan and enhancing Taiwan's visibility and international competitiveness in the field of bioinformatics.


  • Second-generation Narrow-band Imaging System for Screening Colorectal Tumors
  • Identification and Evaluation of Multimodal Malignant Tumor Lesions Using PEP/CT
  • Renal Function Analysis Based On Nephron Thickness On Renal Ultrasound Images
  • Vaginal specimen identification of HPV subtypes and microRNA
  • Obesity Gene Testing Technology
  • Staphylococcus Aureus Drug Resistance Database and Prediction Model
  • Functional Analysis of LP33 Probiotics
  • Relationship Between Air Pollution and Eye Stroke