Research Project 6: Education and Government Open Data


This project mainly focuses on the development of core technologies for big data analysis. Besides, considering that currently large amounts of data are mostly stored in cloud systems, the core technologies of cloud service platforms will also be discussed, especially cloud information security and cloud load balancing technologies. In terms of core technologies for big data analysis, this project focuses on: developing social analytics, video streaming analysis, parallel machine learning algorithms and visualization etc., and build them on the BDAS big data analysis stack. These core technologies can support other projects and develop big data application modules for various fields to provide more real-time, accurate and secure smart application services.


  • Learning Analytics: Educational Applications of Data Analysis Technology
  • Discussion on Evaluation Mechanism and Value-added Application of Government Open Data
  • Smart City Road Leveling System
  • Commissioned Research Case on Value-added Application Model of Taoyuan City Government’s Data-opening Mechanism